27 November 2012

Public consultation launched for new health care GPP criteria

Stakeholders are invited to comment on new EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria for Electrical and Electronic Equipment used in the health care sector being developed by the Swedish Environmental Management Council (SEMCo), in agreement with the Directorate General for the Environment (DG Environment) of the European Commission. The criteria will be used throughout the EU.

SEMCo is specifically looking for comments on the Draft GPP Criteria document and whether the criteria are practical to use from a procurement or tenderer perspective. A Technical Report is also available, providing background to the criteria. The criteria document has been developed in a working group composed of representatives from trade and industry, county councils, governmental agencies and SEMCo.

Comments must be sent by 15 January. SEMCo will process each of the received comments. A summary of how each individual comment has been handled will be published on the project website. The results of the public consultation are expected to be published in the form of a GPP criteria document in December 2013.

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