5 October 2020

How collaboration is boosting the procurement of solutions for climate neutrality

Join us on Friday 23 October, starting from 10:00 (CET) to share and discuss the results of one year of collaboration of the three Big Buyers groups in using procurement strategically to achieve the organisations’ climate ambitions.

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The webinar will also be an occasion to present upcoming possibilities to interested organisations under the next step of the initiative the ‘Big Buyers for Climate and Environment’ (BBCE).

Public procurement can be a key tool in driving innovation on the European market, for both goods and services. By working together and pooling their resources, cities, central purchasing bodies, and other major public bodies in procurement can maximise their market power and impact.

The three Big Buyers Initiative groups on circular construction materials, zero emission constructions sites and heavy-duty electric vehicles have worked together towards:

  • Sharing intelligence on new products and speaking with suppliers;
  • Preparing and comparing calls for tender;
  • Sharing lessons learnt and challenges;
  • Drafting joint statements of demands.

Zero emission construction sites

The members of this group are announcing ambitious demands for zero-emission construction sites on an EU scale and aiming to increase the implementation rate of pilot procurements in this sector. Planned results include value proposition pitches to promote the approach within city administrations, a market engagement toolkit for the sector, and a joint announcement of future pilot procurements.

Circular construction materials

This group is focused on promoting the use of circular construction materials through public procurement. The group will publish a set of recommendations to promote circular constructions featuring best practice examples and guidance from participating cities.

Electric vehicles

This group is looking at heavy-duty electric vehicles, including waste trucks and street cleaning equipment. The group is engaged in dialogue with various suppliers of heavy duty electric vehicles and will publish a joint statement of demand and a list of upcoming vehicles with technical specifications and lessons learnt in procuring these.

About the BBI

ICLEI and EUROCITIES are currently running the Big Buyers initiative on behalf of the European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW). The initiative aims to work together with existing networks and organisations active in this area.