6 February 2024

Public Procurement transforms food systems

In the previous edition of the Procura+ Conference, public buyers called for minimum standards to transform food procurement into a critical lever for transitioning towards just, inclusive and sustainable food systems. This year, in Lisbon, the Procura+ Conference ((13-14 March) will showcase the progress that’s been made since. Minimum standards for sustainable public food procurement could soon be a reality!

The BuyBetterFood coalition is one of the reasons for the positive outlook. The coalition calls for public procurement rules that provide healthy food to all European citizens in public places such as schools, hospitals and elderly care homes. In addition, its Sustainable Food Procurement Manifesto calls for a minimum standard for public canteens across the EU as part of implementing the Farm to Fork strategy.

In this context, the parallel session “Transforming food systems through minimum standards" (13 March, 14-15:30) will explore the potential of minimum sustainability standards in public food procurement, and showcase how minimum standards can have a positive effect on climate mitigation, health, inclusivity, and economic support for small farmers.

The Procura+ Conference aims to provide a diversity of perspectives on how green, social, innovation and circular public procurement is implemented throughout Europe. The inspiring sessions and speakers will showcase how public procurement is contributing to a more sustainable, circular and resilient society. To secure your place, register here.