22 May 2018

Green Week showcases sustainable public procurement in cities

This year's EU Green Week - taking place between the 21-25 May - will focus on "Green Cities for a Greener Future", and will celebrate the many ways in which cities can improve their environmental footprint while also becoming better places to live and work for citizens.

One key way cities can reduce their impact is through public procurement, which forms the focus of the "Greener cities through smart public procurement" session on Tuesday 22 May. During this session, the City of Budapest and City of Nijmegen will share practical experience on integrating sustainable public procurement into their overall procurement strategies, and Mark Hidson, Global Director of ICLEI's Sustainable Procurement Centre, will provide an overview of how cities can utilise their procurement for the maximum social and environmental benefit, and the networks and initiatives which exist to support them in this.

Both DG Grow and DG Environment will also be present at the session, providing further information on the policies and tools developed at the EU level to facilitate the uptake of sustainable public procurement.

For more information on the details of this event, visit the EU Green Week website.