6 February 2020

Market engagement webinar: find SMEs and start-ups for innovative solutions

Do you have an upcoming procurement and want to engage new suppliers? Meet potential suppliers presenting their solutions to meet your needs during a market engagement webinar, organised by ICLEI. By opening up for new innovative ideas, SMEs and start-ups might provide you with solutions that cover the demands in a way that you did not even knew was possible. Get in contact with us now if you are interested in this opportunity.

This webinar is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) in which the European Commission wants to give innovative companies better opportunities to become world-leading enterprises. The EIC can connect public buyers who have innovation needs with the community of more than 5000 top innovative SMEs and start-ups. All suppliers go through a demanding selection procedure and received EIC funding.

ICLEI supports partnership building between the EIC Community members and public procurers and has resources to organize a market engagement event (webinar) where EIC companies present their products corresponding to these needs. For more information contact us: