24 October 2022

Join the Big Buyers Symposium – 9 November 2022

The Big Buyers Initiative is hosting its annual symposium on 9 November in Brussels. The event aims to promote and disseminate the work of the four Big Buyers working groups: Zero emission construction sites, heavy duty electric vehicles, circular construction, and digital healthcare. In addition, the event will highlight why cross border procurement collaboration is important, and provide an overview of the next planned activities of the Big Buyers Initiative.

The symposium will consist of a morning plenary session (09:00-13:00) and afternoon working group sessions (14:30 – 17:00). During the morning session the main focus will be on the collaboration among the working groups, and between the buyers and the market. The Working Groups will also present their relevant outcomes in the form of Joint Statements of Demand or Intent. In the afternoon session participants will be divided across the working groups for group-specific discussions. When registering for the event, participants will be asked to select their preferred working groups.

Registration is required to attend. To register, click here. Participation is free of charge, travel and accommodation costs are covered by the initiative.

Big Buyers for Climate and Environment is a European Commission Initiative for promoting collaboration between big public buyers in implementing strategic public procurement for sustainable solutions. More information can be found here.