24 April 2018

BuyZET transport procurement cities publish priority reports

The BuyZET project has released Priority Analysis reports for its three core cities of Oslo, Copenhagen and Rotterdam. The transport procurement project, coordinated by ICLEI, seeks to boost demand for zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and other zero emission urban delivery solutions on the European market, and to develop procurement plans to achieve zero emission urban delivery of goods and services to the public sector, and thereby improve quality of life in European cities.

Each city partner, in an earlier phase, has carried out a mapping exercise to identify a shortlist of procurement areas which have the biggest impact on transport emissions within the city. Following the mapping exercise, each city has prepared an Initial Analysis Report. These reports explore potential pathways to zero emission delivery for those shortlisted areas identified in the mapping reports, through discussion with internal stakeholders, and dialogue with other European cities and projects.

The reports are intended to act as the basis for in-depth market engagement activities to identify innovative solutions, and will inform future project actions, and are available to download the Oslo, Copenhagen and Rotterdam pages of the project website.

For more information, visit the BuyZET website.