30 July 2013

CIPS develops sustainability benchmarking index for purchasers and suppliers

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) have developed an independent means of benchmarking supplier's environmental, economic and social sustainability, allowing purchasers to assess potential partners quickly and comprehensively. Known as the CIPS Sustainability Index (CSI), the tool has been developed by procurement experts, employing both theoretical and practical knowledge.

CSI enables suppliers to demonstrate their excellence in sustainability, and gives purchasers a better overview of the supply chain. For suppliers, it removes the need to fill out frequent questionnaires or question sheets from purchasers, and provides recognised proof of the level of sustainability achieved. It also saves purchasing organisation staff time, which can be put to more effective use.

The tool contains best practice guidance, which will help suppliers to enhance their offering and keep up to date with current industry requirements. To register, suppliers must pay a once-off fee, while for purchasers, registration is free of charge.

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