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Recent Swiss building standards examine sustainable construction holistically

30 January 2014

New standards for sustainable buildings in Switzerland aim to examine sustainable construction from a social, economic and environmental point of view. The standards go beyond traditional criteria to look at a potential property in terms of its benefits for individuals and society, the economic potential of the building, and its contribution to the protection of the environment, taking into account its entire life cycle.

The stated objectives of the Sustainable Building Switzerland Standard (SNBS) are to: cover the essential points of sustainable construction in a holistic manner, promote Swiss planning and building culture, integrate proven Swiss tools and labels, and provide a planning process that can be easily adapted.

The SNBS standard was financed by the Federal Office of Energy, through the Swiss Energy Program. It builds on standards that were previously implemented, and can be used for both new buildings and existing building stock. It is hoped that the standards will be of added value for the construction and planning industry.

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