30 November 2011

Lithuania joins the drive towards lifecycle costing and assessment

Green public procurement has gained an influential supporter. The Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) is the central purchasing body in Lithuania and currently manages framework contracts for over 600 public authorities. As an avid promoter of environmentally friendly public procurement, the CPMA has decided to go green and train its staff in the use of lifecycle costing, CO2 assessments and lifecycle assessments.

In November 2011, the CPMA teamed up with ICLEI and SYKE to hold a three-day training course discussing and testing current approaches, guidance and tools. The event was an outstanding success, providing those present with practical information as well as inspiration. “The topics are very interesting and of very real scope, especially for future approaches in public procurement” said one participant.

Some of the tools explored at the workshop include the SMART SPP LCC-CO2 tool and the JUHILAS carbon footprint calculator, invaluable in the move towards green public procurement. The tools will be available at ICLEI’s online SMART SPP resource centre which launches next week. The CPMA aims to use lifecycle costing in upcoming frameworks and intends to modify its operational manuals to include information gained from the training.

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