30 June 2020

Reducing urban flood risk through innovation procurement

A new good practice case study has been published in the latest EU GPP News Alert about the municipality if Frederiksberg’s innovation partnership to procure a flood water management system.

The Procura+ Award 2019 winner of the Innovation Procurement category is affected by heavy cloudbursts and is strongly invested in protecting again future flooding. The  Municipality has launched a number of projects to improve rainwater management. By improving the  city’s  ‘green’ and ‘blue’  infrastructure  (such  as  vegetation  and  water  features)  rainwater  can  be  captured,  and  its  flow  can  be  diverted  from  sewers  or  slowed  down.  The  Municipality  aims  to  handle  30%  of  rainwater  ‘locally’,  meaning,  without  relying  on  the  sewage  system  to  drain  water from streets.

As an ideal solution suitable for dense city streets was not yet available on the market, Frederiksberg used an innovation partnership model in order to procure a customised solution for heavy rainfall management.

The innovation partnership process resulted in two solution solutions that were co-developed with the Municipality, and were tested at the same time in the same locations, which were selected as representative of the majority of city streets where the solution would be deployed.

A detailed description of the innovation partnership procedure, the results and the environmental impact can be found in the EU GPP News Alert Good Practice example.