13 January 2017

Copenhagen reaps rewards of impressive procurement approach

The Danish capital of Copenhagen was presented with the prestigious Procura+ Award in the category of "Sustainable procurement of the year" for its efforts to supply municipal organisations, such as schools, day-care centres and elderly homes, with organic and sustainable fruit and vegetables.

“The procurement of food products is a very successful and efficient way to impact the environment and consumption,” said Pia Allerslev, the city’s deputy mayor for children and youth issues, speaking to CPH Post.

“In Copenhagen Municipality we have discovered a way to sustainably procure for the city’s citizens without increasing costs, and our method has inspired other cities in Europe to follow suit. By sharing our experiences, we can reduce food waste, utilise our resources better and shorten the producer-to-consumer chain.” The Procura+ Awards were held as part of ICLEI Europe’s Procura+ Network, a network of public authorities at the forefront of sustainable and innovation procurement in Europe.

For more information, read the CPH Post article.