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Solingen saves €1.2 million through Green Printing programme

7 August 2014

The German town of Solingen has taken sustainable procurement principles to heart in its “printing green” programme, which is estimated to save around €1.2 million in printing costs over 5 years. The project was launched in 2011 to rationalise the procurement and use of desktop printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners, which had previously been bought in an ad hoc manner by individual offices.

An initial scoping exercise identified more than a thousand devices and over 150 different models bought from a range of manufacturers scattered through municipal offices. An invitation to tender was published for a centralised printing service which could be used by around 2,000 council employees. Printing services are now provided by 150 modern, multifunction machines which print in black and white and colour, as well as providing photocopying, scanning and fax services.

A central supply service was also created to ensure that the machines were kept well stocked with paper, toner and other necessary consumables. Small and large print runs can now be handled in-house. The new printing service has reduced the number of printers in use by 60 percent and operating costs by 40 percent. Air quality has also improved due to a reduction in particulate matter, with a positive effect on the health of city hall employees and associates.

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