19 November 2015

InnProBio invites procurers to share their experience of procuring bio-based products

The InnProBio team is inviting stakeholders to take a survey that will assess their experiences with public procurement of innovation (PPI) and with public procurement of innovative bio-based products (wholly or partly derived from biomass) and their associated services. The answers will help to map the hurdles to the procurement of bio-based products and services and ways of overcoming them.

The short survey takes around 15 minutes to complete and all responses will be kept anonymous. Two different surveys are available - one specifically for purchasers, the other for companies (as suppliers or service providers to the public sector). The questionnaires are available in English, German and Polish.

The InnProBio project is a European Commission funded project that aims to build a community of public procurement practitioners interested in PPI of bio-based products and services. Bio-based products and services can contribute to meeting the EU’s climate protection goals, which has led the European Union to declare it a high priority sector.

To take part in the survey, visit the InnProBio website.