30 April 2014

New INNOVATION SEEDS Portal Launched

An extended version of the INNOVATION SEEDS portal is now available, building on the success of its predecessor with practical, bottom-up information on eco-innovation from a variety of sectors. The portal is a user-friendly source of knowledge for policy makers, companies and other stakeholders. New case studies uploaded to the portal include the use of recycled asphalt in road construction in Bremen (Germany), the introduction of electric buses in Vienna (Austria) and a community-based approach to procurement in Finland.

INNOVATION SEEDS was first launched in 2011 with the aim of increasing the impact of environmental research in Europe. The original portal included a database of success stories, with each article describing the added value of a specified research and development (R&D) initiative based on the technical functions it was able to fulfil. This helped potential users to better understand what the R&D initiative could be used for, and how it might be brought to the market. In addition, articles, webinars and video news releases promoted new environmental technologies and knowledge to policy makers and market players.

The new INNOVATION SEEDS portal enlarges the original database by including additional cutting-edge knowledge on eco-innovation cases and funding, as well as expanding its categories and adding articles on eco-innovation policies and networks. The portal’s intuitive linking and quick navigation features, as well as the use of the TRL (Technology Readiness Scale) and GML (Generic Maturity Level) scales to clearly explain results, allow visitors to easily access information which is relevant to their needs.

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