28 April 2015

Procura+ manual on sustainable public procurement available in Portuguese

A Portuguese version of the Procura+ Manual: A Guide to Cost-Effective Sustainable Public Procurement was launched by ICLEI - South America during the third meeting of the Brazilian Municipalities for Sustainable Development, which took place in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia from 7-9 April 2015.

The Manual offers a clear overview of SPP, how it can be implemented and what the costs and benefits are. It is intended to be used both by those new to the field and those who are already familiar with the main concepts, but are seeking examples of SPP in action and arguments to strengthen uptake within their organisations.

The Portuguese manual has been adapted to the Brazilian context through the project “Green Public Procurement for Innovation and Green Growth”, which is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Government, and coordinated by the British Embassy in Brasilia.

To view the manual, download it from the Procura+ website [PDF].