23 February 2016

Cape Town purchases electric buses for public transport

Cape Town has become the first South African municipality to procure a fleet of electric buses for use in its public transport fleet. As part of the tender, suppliers were expected to not only supply the vehicles, but to provide suitable charging stations and to offer training for drivers and engineers. The new 12 metre long buses will supplement the existing diesel fleet. The South African capital is a member of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, a group of 10 cities committed to driving a transition to sustainable consumption and production through sustainable and innovative procurement.

Each electric bus is required to be able to travel 250km in traffic before needing to recharge. Electric buses are considered an attractive alternative to their more polluting counterparts, as they are easier to drive, generate less heat and noise than diesel buses, and provide a smoother overall journey.

Speaking to CIPS, the Cape Town mayor’s office said: “Apart from electric buses being eco-friendly, with zero carbon emissions if we use solar power charging stations, a green fleet holds numerous other advantages. The operational cost of electric buses is significantly lower – not only in terms of fuel, but also in relation to maintenance as there are fewer parts to service."

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