15 March 2016

Morocco to boost green energy supply with new solar power plant

Moroccan authorities are tendering for a new 400MW solar power plant as part of the country’s target to generate half its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Carbon emissions will be reduced by 700,000 tonnes per year thanks to the new project according to the World Bank. The organisation has contributed over US $519 million to help Morocco realise its goals of increasing its solar energy supply.

“Morocco stands at the forefront of climate-friendly policies in the region,” said Inger Andersen, World Bank regional vice president for the MENA region, speaking to Supply Management. “The country is well-positioned to benefit from its head start at a time when other regional powers are beginning to think more seriously about their own renewable energy programmes.”

So far a 160MW plant has been completed, with construction of the 400MW plant expected to begin in 2017. At present Morocco is almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels, with 97 percent of energy imported. It is foreseen that the new plant will improve energy security, job creation, and energy exports.

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