13 September 2011

Germany creates landmarks in Green Public Procurement

Public authorities are major consumers in Europe and the European Commission is encouraging the use of ecological criteria in the public market-place. Germany, one of the ‘Green 7’ EU countries who currently manage a large amount of Green Public Procurement, is playing an active role in promoting the policy.

ICLEI’s Creating Landmarks (Landmarken Setzen) project aims to anchor GPP principles in training and offers a series of user-oriented train-the-trainer seminars. The opening event kicks off in Wiesbaden (Germany), on 5 October 2011. It offers representatives from training academies, public authorities and decision-makers, based or working in Germany, the opportunity to learn about the services offered in the project and to discuss relevant issues.

During the event, participants will be invited to ask their specific questions and make the connection to existing units in their curricula. Comprehensive training material will also be provided to ensure the knowledge is passed on to their target group - public sector employees. The project is generously funded by the German Environmental Agency and German Environmental Ministry.

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