30 November 2011

New GPP action plan for Malta

The new Maltese national GPP action plan sets out the target of achieving 50% of public procurement compliant with EU GPP criteria by 2015. The plan, published by the government in August 2011, also contains specific targets for 18 product and service groups (such as paper, gardening products, textiles and IT equipment) for which common criteria have been agreed at EU level. Training seminars will be provided to public procurers.

When announcing the plan Finance, the Economy and Investment Minister Tonio Fenech explained “Like any other economic activity, public procurement, which represents an important proportion of Malta’s GDP, has an impact on the environment. The negative aspects of this impact, such as those associated with materials, the use of resources and the resulting waste should be reduced, while the positive aspects must be promoted. At the same time, we don’t expect sharp differences in prices, and we want to ensure that there is competition.”

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