25 November 2015

Bristol seeks public’s views on social spending targets

The City of Bristol (UK) has set new targets to spend 25 percent of its annual £300 million budget on social enterprises, including voluntary and community organisations and SMEs. The city council is currently seeking feedback from residents on the proposals. The new policy was spurred by the UK's Social Value Act, which mandates local authorities to use public procurement as a means to improve the social, economic and environmental aspects of urban areas.

Under the new policy, public procurers must add a 10 percent weighting to social value in the tender process; involve the local community in the commissioning process; consider the environmental impact as part of the tender process; work with a wide-range of suppliers; improve employment opportunities and skills training; promote the local economy; and build relationships with the business community, social enterprises and voluntary and community organisations.

“Only by gathering the views of the wider community can we truly be sure that this policy will deliver benefits for the city as a whole. I see social value as a way of recognising the real benefit to our local communities,” said Geoff Gollop, councillor and Deputy Mayor of Bristol, Speaking to Supply Management.

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