8 May 2012

Sustainability of health care products influences purchasers

Environmental sustainability and other green attributes play a large part when hospitals in Germany, Italy, Brazil and the United States make purchasing decisions on healthcare products, new research has revealed. On a ten point scale a majority of respondents (54 percent) rated the impact of “green” credentials on purchasing decisions for health care products and supplies an eight or higher.

The study also found that the same holds true for Integrated Delivery Networks. “Such a high rating means they are emotionally attached, that they feel strongly about it,” explains Dave Bauer of SK&A, an independent research firm based in California, USA that conducted the research on behalf of Medical Devices & Diagnostics Global Services.

The survey found that nearly one-third of current requests for proposals for medical products include green attributes, while key decision makers expect nearly 40 percent of future requests for proposals to include green attributes. Respondents to the survey, which was conducted from January to March 2012, included health care professionals, procurement/materials management, and hospital executives in all four countries.

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