6 March 2013

Australian Government publishes guides in bid to increase sustainable procurement

Guides to help Australian Government procurers include sustainability considerations in the procurement process have been developed by ECO-Buy and released by the Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. The two publications Sustainable procurement guide and Guide for sustainable procurement of services outline the supply chain in detail, better equipping procurers to identify and address environmentally, socially and economically harmful elements.

The adverse impacts posed by the production of goods and services are addressed in the Sustainable procurement guide, with an eye to mitigation through sustainable practices, while the Guide for sustainable procurement of services includes best practice performance criteria that can be used in the approaches to market and possible contract requirements.

Publication of other specific product and service guides is planned throughout 2013. The guides feed into the Australian Government’s commitment under the National Waste Policy, “Less Waste, More Resources”, to embody and promote the principles of sustainable procurement within its operations.

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