17 March 2017

BuyZET project aims to lower transport emissions of procurement activities

The BuyZET project is a partnership of cities aiming to achieve zero emission urban delivery of goods and services through changes to their procurement practices. The cities of Rotterdam, Oslo and Copenhagen will study the transportation impacts of different types of procurement activities using methodologies developed within the project. Based on these results, each city will then identify two priority procurement areas to focus on.

For each procurement priority area, the cities will explore potential innovative procurement solutions through market dialogue, engaging with other cities, exploring best practice from across Europe, and forming buyers groups to launch joint or collaborative procurement actions. At the end of this process plans will be developed for each procurement area, to be implemented by the cities in the coming years.

Outcomes from the project will include new procurement plans for each priority area in each city, a methodology for mapping the procurement transportation footprint, a BuyZET Implementation Handbook and input into EU policy making and relevant working groups.

Southampton and the Brussels Capital Region are also participating as Observer Cities and will aim to implement the project activities as well. The project, launched in November 2016, is co-ordinated by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, with the support of Polis and TNO. The project will end in April 2019, with procurement transportation and emission footprint reports for each city the first major project delivery in July 2017.