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Students convince University of Glasgow to solely purchase conflict-free products

5 April 2016

The University of Glasgow is joining a lengthy list of American and Canadian higher-learning institutes in banning the purchase of conflict minerals by introducing a new supply-chain code of conduct. The move comes following pressure applied by the Students’ Representative Council, which advocated for the university to join the ‘Conflict Free Campus Initiative’. The initiative asks organisations to change their procurement policies to ensure that the purchase of conflict materials is reduced.

Minerals such as tin and tungsten, vital ingredients in a wide-range of mobile phones and electronic products, is mined in countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Armed militias often hijack this mining, using the proceeds generated to fund violent conflict. A report by Amnesty International indicated that companies such as Apple, Google, IBM and Amazon include conflict materials within their products, having failed to full eradicate them from the supply chain.

“Students have fought long and hard to have the university acknowledge this important issue and give serious consideration to the numerous human rights abuses which are linked to the trade in conflict minerals,” said Ruth Brown, campus organiser for the Conflict Free Campus Initiative, speaking to Supply Management.

For more information, visit Supply Management.