10 September 2015

Feedback invited on sustainability certification for electronics

One of the most widely-used sustainability certification labels for electronics is under review to ensure that the next iteration encompasses pressing sustainability challenges. TCO Certified focuses on environmental, social and economic sustainability in all phases of the product’s life-cycle, helping consumers to make better-informed purchasing decisions and enabling hardware manufacturers to prove the sustainability of their products.

Revised criteria will be developed for products including notebooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops, headsets and projectors, with comments invited on the draft publications. At the start of the review process most criteria developed is applicable to all product groups, so stakeholders are invited to comment on whichever category they wish. Comments can be submitted online. The TCO Development team will collate and evaluate all comments before publication of the final criteria document.

Each certification goes through a six step process: research into current challenges, the drafting of criteria, dialogue with stakeholders, review of the criteria based on stakeholder feedback, the publication of the criteria, and finally further input from stakeholders is sought, resulting in an ongoing dialogue. This will be the 7th update of the TCO Certification.

For more information, visit the TCO Certified website.