8 March 2016

Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona provide updates on creating the smart city

The latest news from the GrowSmarter project has been published in the form of blog updates issued by the worksite managers of the project’s three lighthouse cities: Stockholm (Sweden), Cologne (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain). The project is dedicated to piloting and replicating a combination of 12 smart solutions which are designed to make cities better connected, liveable and more environmentally sustainable.

In Stockholm, the city’s fibre optic network is being used to enable a more strategic and connected approach to various city functions including lighting, parking, transport, and building and street maintenance. An example of this strategic approach can be seen in the Smart street lighting which incorporates movement sensors. It will be in use from summer onwards.

In Cologne, a citizen engagement event in October 2015 has paved the way for citizens to get more involved in the project through the Citizen Reporter programme. In Barcelona, fast charging stations have been installed across the city, enabling electric vehicles to be fully charged in just 20 minutes. The city is also installing a tool in over 200 dwellings that allows citizens to monitor their electricity consumption via their smartphone, tablet or computer, enabling them to find usage hotspots and cut their electricity bills.

For more information on these initiatives, read the GrowSmarter e-update.