5 March 2023

Webinar on ''Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles for Waste Collection and Street Cleaning''

Save the date for the second of a cycle of webinars on the achievements of the Big Buyers project! How can public buyers drive the market through public procurement? This second event will focus on the Working Group that learnt how to procure ''Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles for Waste Collection and Street Cleaning''.

More than 60 public procurers, technical experts and representatives of public authorities from over 15 EU Member States met in Brussels on November 9th for the first Annual Big Buyers Symposium. This closing event was the occasion to celebrate and draw conclusions on a two-year collaboration between these stakeholders, brought together by the DG GROW initiative named “Big Buyers for Climate and Environment”.

The objective of this project was to promote collaboration between public buyers across the EU in implementing strategic procurement for sustainable solutions. A bottom-up needs assessment of participants resulted in the creation of four working groups, dealing with Zero Emission Construction Sites, Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles, Circular Construction, and Digital Solutions in the Healthcare Sector.

To prepare for the launch of the third edition of this initiative, DG GROW is organizing a cycle of webinars entitled ''Driving Markets through Public Procurement: the Big Buyers Project''. They will focus on the achievements of the working groups and on their next steps. 

The second of these webinars will take place on March 21st, 11:00-12:00, and will host the representatives of the group on ''Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles'' for waste collection and street cleaning and maintenance. They will present a report on lessons learnt from the collaboration between the cities involved and their market gap analysis, to encourage the roll-out of heavy duty electric vehicles in European cities.

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