22 November 2019

New GPP Criteria - Public Space Maintenance

The EU GPP criteria for public space maintenance have been finalised.

The criteria cover the following categories:

- outdoor cleaning products and services

- gardening products and services

- machinery products and services

- vehicles and service fleets and,

- common criteria for service categories

The use of these criteria has the potential to considerably reduce environmental impacts from public space maintenance, for instance by setting requirements on the cleaning products formulation and raw material use, manufacturing and end-of-life of cleaning products and disposable cleaning accessories; water saving in irrigation systems and watering practices, gardening practices to enhance biodiversity or the use of low-emissions vehicles and machinery.

These criteria are one of several product group EU GPP criteria that are being developed to facilitate the inclusion of green requirements in public tender documents.

The new criteria are currently available in English but translations are ongoing.
They will soon be included on the GPP webpage.

In the meantime, you can view the criteria on the project webpage with the description EU GPP criteria for public space maintenance SWD.