25 May 2021

Procura + Participant Flanders Government launches new LCC Tool for indoor lighting

Procura+ Participant Flanders Government developed a new Office Indoor Lighting LCC-Tool based on the original Smart-spp LCC-CO2 Tool. It can be seen as complementary to the ‘LCC-tool indoor lighting’ of the European Commission (EC). Both tools are based on the same principles and data (e.g. for CO2 information) and the development teams regularly coordinated their efforts to guarantee a common basis.

You can use the Office Indoor Lighting LCC-Tool (Government of Flanders) for more complex situations, to also consider the embedded emissions or to simulate lease situations. Broadly speaking, the Office Indoor Lighting LCC-Tool offers you the following additional options:

  • Input of a complex building structure with a large quantity of different lighting devices (LCC-tool indoor lighting (European Commission): max. 5 types of lighting devices)
  • Both acquisition and lease contracts
  • The option to consider em
  • bedded emissions from the production and end-of life stage, if an Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) is available for all lighting devices

„We could count on a lot of interest and help while developing the tool. We would especially like to thank the Procura+ Network and the Procura+ Interest Group for their strong involvement." Els Verwimp, Flanders Government

Would you like to learn more? Join the official ‘Office Indoor Lighting LCC-Tool’ launch webinar on 1 June, 9:30 – 12:00! You can register here. Registration is possible up to 2 days before the event. The link to participate will be send shortly before the webinar.

Find the tool and a user guide here.