12 July 2022

Closing the bio-waste loop through public procurement

On 21 June, CityLoops organised its second public procurement workshop, focusing on how public procurement can be used to close the loop in bio-waste. Adriaan Hellemans, demonstration manager for Apeldoorn gave a presentation on bio-waste valorisation, while Dr. Jan Wurm of KU Leuven gave on overview of materials made of bio-waste. These presentations were followed by a lively discussion/reflection between the cities.

The consortium agreed that is important to involve the market as much as possible. Market parties can help identify the best solutions for improving the quality of waste collection. For example, in Porto, a market dialogue was the reason for the city’s introduction of intelligent bins. Companies can also make clear what obstacles they are dealing with. Having only one option of where to deliver waste can be such a hindrance for innovative suppliers.

The group also concluded that the prevention of bio-waste is important, but noted that reducing the amount of bio-waste going into the waste system through community/individual composting won’t have a massive impact on the total waste volume. Nevertheless, this process will contribute to more citizen awareness and involvement

More information on CityLoops previous public procurement workshop, on circular demolition procurement, can be found here