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ICLEI and FAO collaborate on procurement to advance the food system transformation

27 February 2020

Public procurement is increasingly seen and recognised as a strategic tool for food system transformation and to ensure access to healthy food for all. ICLEI Europe collaborated closely with FAO at the World Urban Forum 10 to share the fruits of recent work done on cities and food. In joint sessions such as 'Urban-Rurual Linkages for Nutrition' themes such as nutrition and health linked to sustainable public food procurement were explored.

ICLEI has been working together with FAO on the topic of food in cities for many years. 

For example, ICLEI together with frontrunner cities such as Ghent and Copenhagen made a few strong statements of the importance of using sustainable food procurement strategically, feeding into an international consultation at FAO in Rome at the end of 2019. 

The collaboration extends into other examples such as ICLEI’s CITYFOOD Network and the recently launched FAO Framework for the Urban Food Agenda looking at the interlinkages between the national and local level. Following the launch of the FAO Framework ICLEI Europe was asked to share its expertise on sustainable food procurement such as sustainable school meals as a driver for healthy food and healthy environments. 

Learn more about sustainable food procurement here. 

Procurers’ time to shine: Awards open for applications

21 February 2020

It is time for public authorities invested in sustainable and fair procurement to shine – with two prestigious Awards open for applications.

The 2020 edition of the Procura+ Awards, an initiative of ICLEI in co-operation with the EU-funded Procure2Innovate project, is accepting applications from purchasing bodies that have put their procurement to good use. Public authorities can win in four categories: Innovation Procurement of the Year, Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT, Sustainable Procurement of the Year, and Procurement Initiative of the Year. The application period is open until 31 March 2020.

Participants in previous editions highlighted that taking part in the Procura+ Awards helped them to benchmark themselves, get recognition, and advocate for pushing for more sustainable and innovation criteria in their tenders. To apply to the Awards visit the Procura+ website.

EU cities committed to fair and ethical trade, the EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award, an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Trade, is another way to gain recognition. The Award celebrates EU cities who champion more sustainable trade, consumption and production, thus creating opportunities for producers elsewhere. To apply, visit the website.

Circular Procurement Congress - a step towards a circular Europe

13 February 2020

On 27-29 May 2020 procurement experts, suppliers, researchers and key opinion leaders from all over Europe will meet in Warsaw to share their experiences and best practices of using procurement as an effective tool for the transition towards the circular economy. The purpose of the Congress is to raise awareness of circular concepts, procurement, in particular, highlight good practices, share experiences and pave the road ahead for circular procurement to enter the mainstream.

The Congress is a three-day event, full of intensive networking and knowledge sharing activities such as workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, world café sessions and study visits. Purchasers within governmental entities and companies will discover the advantages of circular procurement and explore tools that can facilitate and optimize its implementation. The societal challenge of resource efficiency will be discussed by considering innovative solutions from a multidimensional perspective. This concerns products, processes and new business models as well as exploiting the synergies between public authorities, research institutions, SMEs and non-profit organisations active in this field.

The Congress is organized under the Circular Public Procurement project supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

Registration is possible here.


Market engagement webinar: find SMEs and start-ups for innovative solutions

6 February 2020

Do you have an upcoming procurement and want to engage new suppliers? Meet potential suppliers presenting their solutions to meet your needs during a market engagement webinar, organised by ICLEI. By opening up for new innovative ideas, SMEs and start-ups might provide you with solutions that cover the demands in a way that you did not even knew was possible. Get in contact with us now if you are interested in this opportunity.

This webinar is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) in which the European Commission wants to give innovative companies better opportunities to become world-leading enterprises. The EIC can connect public buyers who have innovation needs with the community of more than 5000 top innovative SMEs and start-ups. All suppliers go through a demanding selection procedure and received EIC funding.

ICLEI supports partnership building between the EIC Community members and public procurers and has resources to organize a market engagement event (webinar) where EIC companies present their products corresponding to these needs. For more information contact us: