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Commande Publique & Développement Durable
A collection of policies and case studies from 10 districts in France.
General GPP/SPP
Procurement, Innovation & Green Growth: the story continues
This report builds on the existing body of work that supports the case for green public procurement, to further identify the linkages between procurement and green growth and discuss the enabling environment that would see public procurement serve as a trigger for green industrial innovation, expansion and growth.
What follows is a brief discussion on the role of procurement within the green growth paradigm, where an introduction to key concepts is followed by feature case studies that present the varying experiences of industry and the public sector in applying procurement to achieve green growth aims. Finally, the paper concludes by offering observations on possible implications for policy and areas where further investigation is required to enable procurement to serve as a more potent trigger for green innovation and growth.
ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Energy, Buildings and construction, Lighting, Office stationery, Infrastructure
General GPP/SPP, Innovation procurement (PPI) ,
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
The Impacts of Sustainable Public Procurement: Eight Illustrative Case Studies
The study addresses the lack of assessment of SPP activities by analysing eight SPP contracts. The selected case studies, from developed and developing countries, demonstrate the tangible and measurable impacts of sustainable public procurement, and its support towards the achievement of economic, social and environmental goals.
General GPP/SPP
United Nations Environment Progamme (UNEP)
Reykjavík, Iceland: Green cleaning in the City of Reykjavík
The Green Cleaning Program in the City of Reykjavík is a successful procurement
program that draws attention to the various benefits of green public procurement.
The aim of the program is to obtain environmentally sound cleaning services in
the city’s operations through the procurement process. This case study shows how Reykjavik took action and shares lessons learned.
Europe/EU, Iceland
General GPP/SPP, Environmental management system, SMEs(small and medium sized enterprises)
ICLEI World Secretariat
Rotherham Lighting Project
The Rotherham Future Ward Lighting project is an innovative element of a seven year programme of ward reconfiguration, which started in 2009.
United Kingdom
General GPP/SPP, Innovation procurement (PPI) ,
Nnational Health Service Sustainable Development Unit
Responsible Public Procurement of Forest Products. (Paper and Wood). Environmental and Social Good Practice for Public Administrations and Private Companies.
A report outlining the social and environmental impacts of paper and timber-products, steps that can be taken to reduce these, criteria and good practice cases from the public and the private sectors. Different labels are also compared.
Timber and forestry , Office stationery
Fundacion Copade
The CARPE guide presents an overview of the potential for responsible procurement in European cities. It provides a basic introduction into public procurement procedures and legislation, focusing on green procurement, ethical procurement, employment promotion, promoting the social economy, safeguarding working conditions, and promoting equal opportunities and accessibility.
English, French, German
General GPP/SPP
Collection of Basque good practice cases
A collection of GPP cases from the Basque Country covering many types of public organisations (regional and local governments as well as public companies) and focusing on different aspects of GPP implementation.
Basque, Spanish
General GPP/SPP
SBIR The Power of public Procurement - report and case study collection
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) is a tendering process in which the Dutch national government supports entrepreneurs in their research and development work. Contracts are awarded in a three-phase competition: feasibility, research phase and commercialisation.
English, Dutch
Innovation procurement (PPI) , , Pre commercial procurement, SMEs(small and medium sized enterprises)
NL Agency