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November 2022

HolonIQ - Global Impact Summit

22 November 2022

On 22 November, Ai4Cities will be presented at the HolonIQ - Global Impact Summit in Paris. Cap Digital's project manager Margot de Caminel will present how the project solutions piloted in the Greater Paris region help accelerate carbon neutrality.

The HolonIQ summits aim to provide global access to critical climate, education and health discussions, through a mix of online and regional in-person programming for attendees around the world. More information about the Summit and the agenda can be found on the website.

The HolonIQ summits have been working closely with suppliers, artists, partners and producers to ensure they meet stringent requirements in relation to emissions, waste, transportation, local investment, provenance and social enterprise. For example, the summit is always held at a venue located within walking distance of major transport hub. The Paris Summit will be held in StationF, the world's largest startup campus. Register here to attend.