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January 2024

CircularPSP – Tender Launch Event

CircularPSP launched a €5.64 million tender to design an innovative digital solution for the circular economy
11 January 2024, 11:00 - 13:00


The EU pre-commercial procurement project CircularPSP launched a €5.64 million tender (TED Notice) for Suppliers to design, develop and test an innovative ‘circular economy solution’ (CE-solution) that enables municipalities and their staff as well as businesses in the local economy to apply circular practice more quickly, frequently, widely and effectively.

CircularPSP invites all interested parties to learn about the tender documents which have been made public.

The info session introduces the tender for Circular Economy solutions for cities. 8 leading CE-cities (including CircularBerlin and ReLondon) have developed this tender jointly reflecting the challenges they share and consider to be on the critical path towards a wide-scale and systemic uptake of circular economy principles.

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  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Tender Summary
  • Challenge Brief
  • CfT Conditions and Proposals
  • Q&A

Other Tender Events: This is the first webinar in the Tender Event Series, the second webinar (18 January) focusses on the Technical Part, the third and last webinar (25 January) focusses on the Administrative and Financial Parts. 

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