6 April 2017

New guide for NGOs: Identifying potential tenders for GPP

The European NGO Network on GPP has published its guide ‘’Identifying potential tenders for Green Public Procurement’’ aimed at guiding NGOs through the steps that are necessary to start actively supporting public authorities in including GPP criteria in their procurements.

The European NGO Network was established in 2016 with the support of the European Commission and aims at supporting NGOs to work with public procurers to enhance GPP uptake.

The document is part of one of the latest resources produced by the network which describes four essential steps to engage with national, regional and local authorities in engaging in GPP. The steps considered are 'Identification of relevant contracting authorities'; 'Looking for ongoing and upcoming procurement procedures'; 'Including GPP aspects in upcoming tenders'; and 'Approaching local authorities with specific and targeted improvements'.

The guide can be downloaded via the network’s page on the Sustainable Procurement Platform.