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EU GPP case study: Retrofitting trams for energy efficiency in Craiova
In 2008, the Romanian city of Craiova joined 3 other European cities under the framework of the CIVITAS Mobility, Development and Energy Reduction (MODERN) initiative, co-financed by the European Commission. Through the CIVITAS Initiative, the European Commission aimed to support cities in the implementation of sustainable urban transport strategies. The Local Council of Craiova Municipality’s main objective was to increase the overall quality of life of its citizens through the reduction of pollution generated by transport and the implementation of energy-saving measures. To reach this goal, one of the measures undertaken by the city was to improve the energy efficiency of its existing tramlines. Modernisation of the trams would include the replacement of old drive systems with electric choppers that control the electric current used by the trams. 9 trams were upgraded with the chopper based system, achieving a 35% reduction in energy consumption. These trams were previously out of commission due to the inefficiency of the older system. Due to the installation of this new system, Craiova has been able to reduce the costs of running parts of its electric tram fleet, increased passenger capacity across the system and reduced pollution related to energy consumption. The technology employed in Craiova’s trams is also currently being promoted in the neighbouring countries.
Transport and vehicles
European Commission - Directorate General Environment