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Aligning policy and legal frameworks for supporting smallholder farming through public food procurement: the case of home-grown school feeding programmes
The paper aims to help build a dialogue, bringing to the food procurement and rural development literature an analysis of the various legal mechanisms that can be used to align the regulatory framework in pursuit of broader development goals by means of public procurement in the form of home-grown school feeding programmes.
Food and catering
General GPP/SPP
Malta - GPP National Action Plan
National Action Plan for 2019 - 2025. The second GPP National Action Plan outlines Malta's strategy and targets for GPP in the coming period until 2025. it includes a review of the first National Action Plan and proposes arange of new approaches to GPP including circular procurement.
Food and catering, ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Energy, Cleaning, Timber and forestry , Buildings and construction, Lighting, Office stationery, Infrastructure, Green spaces, Furniture, Waste
General GPP/SPP
Office of the Prime Minister, Malta
+Sustainable City Council – City of Barcelona
Barcelona City Council has been implementing SPP for almost two decades, and in 2006 it launched the +SCC programme which introduced firm purchasing commitments which are applicable to all council departments. Participatory processes have been central to the development of the +SCC Programme, and were used to develop strategic goals and define compulsory criteria for 12 high priority procurement categories.
English, Catalan, Spanish
General GPP/SPP
City of Barcelona
Alliance for Sustainable Procurement Report of the Ministry for Economy and Technology to the Head of the Councillors Office, 22 October 2012
This is the annual report on achievements at the federal level to implement Sustainable Procurement in Germany.
Textiles, Transport and vehicles, Buildings and construction
General GPP/SPP, Energy efficiency
City of Portland Sustainable Procurement Policy
2018 Update
This policy applies to all types of City-funded procurements and to all City divisions and employees.
Specific employee roles, responsibilities, and expectations are further described within this policy.
United States
General GPP/SPP
Cornwall Council Corporate Responsible Procurement and Commissioning Policy
Cornwall Council's Responsible Procurement Policy requires council officers to take sustainability considerations into account when procuring, with a focus on six sustainability aspects: Environmental Sustainability & Carbon management, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Ethical Sourcing, SME Engagement, Health and Safety.
A guide for Suppliers has also been published and can be downloaded from the Council's website.
United Kingdom
Food and catering, Textiles, ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Cleaning, Timber and forestry , Buildings and construction, Office stationery, Green spaces, Furniture
General GPP/SPP, SMEs(small and medium sized enterprises)
Cornwall Council
On our plate today: healthy, sustainable food choices (Executive summary)
Funded by the European Commission (EC) LIFE+ programme, LiveWell for LIFE is a ground-breaking project that not only set out to show how low carbon diets can help achieve a reduction of at least 25% in greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain but also showed how these can be healthy, nutritious and affordable.

The project also aimed to influence policies and practices to ease the adoption of low-carbon diets in the EU – and in particular in our pilot countries: France, Spain and Sweden – and ultimately, to put the issue of sustainable diets on the EU policy agenda.
Food and catering
General GPP/SPP, Fair trade
WWF, Friends for Life Europe
A Plan for Public Procurement: Enabling a healthy future for our people, farmers and food producers
The ambition of the Plan is to (1) making it easier for procurers to deliver a good service through a clearer, more consistent approach, (2)giving a clearer, more consistent method and message to suppliers, to show them exactly what
the public sector is looking for and (3)opening up the supply chain to a wider range of companies.
United Kingdom
Food and catering
General GPP/SPP, Social responsibility
UK Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs
Basque GPP Programme 2020
The Green Public Procurement Programme of the Basque Country 2020 establishes the
policy framework needed to mobilise the Basque Administration as a whole and ensure that it embraces and takes onboard environmental criteria in its procurement process.
English, Basque, Spanish
General GPP/SPP