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March 2020

Procura+ Webinar: learn from the Procura+ Award 2019 winners

Zooming in on sustainable textiles and PCP for cloud data storage
16 March 2020, 11:00 - 11:50

How to do sustainable and innovation procurement in practice? What can a sustainable supply chain for textiles look like, and how to steer it through procurement? How can we use innovation procurement to support cutting edge science? Learn from award winning procurements – and join us for a webinar presenting two of the Procura+ Award 2019 winners and their procurements and initiatives, on March 16, from 11h – 11:50.
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Procura+ participant and GLCN member the City of Ghent launched a pilot procurement for ethically produced workwear. After researching best practices in textile procurement and conducting a market analysis of fair and ethically produced clothing, Ghent realised that the market was not ready to deliver the level of environmental and social impact required – learn how the City has tackled this during the webinar!

Bob Jones from the Swiss company CERN will present on their award winning Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) of data cloud storage. Ten public research organisations from seven European countries have joined forces in a PCP to meet the demands of large scale scientific projects for big data storage and analysis tools. The result of the multi-stage PCP process was the pilot Helix Nebula Science Cloud. This cloud-based system makes it possible to host the service in new data centres with excellent power usage effectiveness. The services will be made accessible to a broader set of public research and higher education.

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11:00 Introduction to the Procura+ Network and the Procura+ Awards, Paula Land, ICLEI Local Governements for Sustainability

11:10 City of Ghent: How to mainstream sustainability and fair trade in the textiles supply chain through procurement, Aline De Cokere, City of Ghent

11:30 CERN: Open cloud data storage innovation through pre-commercial procurement, Bob Jones, CERN 

11:45 Conclusion