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November 2019

A Taste of Sustainability – Mobilizing Public Procurement and Catering Services in the Baltic Sea Region

12 - 13 November 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

StratKIT Baltic Sea Region Conference

Today, there are lots of pressures for more sustainable food systems as a result of dietary changes, growing
environmental awareness and an overall demand for healthier food. Public procurement and catering services
can serve as trailblazers to respond to these pressures. These issues are addressed in a Baltic Sea Region project
StratKIT (2019-2021) which is aiming to pool public actors’ co-learning and co-innovation resources for
intensified policy implementation in terms of circular economy and climate neutrality in Finland, Estonia,
Poland, Germany, Denmark and Russia. The project aims at developing the BSR dynamic sustainability model to
signify the efforts by public procurement and catering services towards increased sustainability. The project
discusses the relative merits and challenges of the practices, developments and initiatives in terms of the
sustainability conditions for nutrition on the one hand, and environment and economy of the food system, on
the other.

The two-day StratKIT Baltic Sea Region Stakeholder Round Table Event is a first international event in the
StratKIT project that aims to bring together public procurers, catering service providers, public authorities,
suppliers, customers and other stakeholders from different countries to co-learn about the current situation
and to co-develop innovative strategies for the future! You are welcome to join and learn about new
developments and to offer input shaping Public Catering Services towards sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region.