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March 2020

Labour Conditions in Battery Factories

10 March 2020

Li-ion batteries? These are the batteries we use massively for our smartphones, laptops, tablets and electric cars. 
Au Lap Hang of the "Labour Education and Service Network (LESN)" in Hong Kong talks about the precarious working conditions and the challenges within the factories where these batteries are produced. 

LESN, is a monitoring partner of Electronics Watch and works mainly in China. The organisation is committed to raising awareness among migrant workers, cultivating solidarity among workers and improving long-term labour rights.

Björn Claeson of Electronics Watch will talk about what you can do as a (public) buyer of ICT products.  He considers what the workers-based monitoring system of Electronics Watch can contribute to solving these problems. 

The webinar will be held in English. 

Date: 10 March, 11:00 (CET) - duration: 1h

You can register for the webinar via this link: register/v5cudO-uqzovv05a_ GPSpdZQTKpIPRUnKg

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Procura+ Webinar: learn from the Procura+ Award 2019 winners

Zooming in on sustainable textiles and PCP for cloud data storage
16 March 2020, 11:00 - 11:50

How to do sustainable and innovation procurement in practice? What can a sustainable supply chain for textiles look like, and how to steer it through procurement? How can we use innovation procurement to support cutting edge science? Learn from award winning procurements – and join us for a webinar presenting two of the Procura+ Award 2019 winners and their procurements and initiatives, on March 16, from 11h – 11:50.
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Procura+ participant and GLCN member the City of Ghent launched a pilot procurement for ethically produced workwear. After researching best practices in textile procurement and conducting a market analysis of fair and ethically produced clothing, Ghent realised that the market was not ready to deliver the level of environmental and social impact required – learn how the City has tackled this during the webinar!

Bob Jones from the Swiss company CERN will present on their award winning Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) of data cloud storage. Ten public research organisations from seven European countries have joined forces in a PCP to meet the demands of large scale scientific projects for big data storage and analysis tools. The result of the multi-stage PCP process was the pilot Helix Nebula Science Cloud. This cloud-based system makes it possible to host the service in new data centres with excellent power usage effectiveness. The services will be made accessible to a broader set of public research and higher education.

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11:00 Introduction to the Procura+ Network and the Procura+ Awards, Paula Land, ICLEI Local Governements for Sustainability

11:10 City of Ghent: How to mainstream sustainability and fair trade in the textiles supply chain through procurement, Aline De Cokere, City of Ghent

11:30 CERN: Open cloud data storage innovation through pre-commercial procurement, Bob Jones, CERN 

11:45 Conclusion